One Hundred Years of War…

The Year is 998 YK. It has been two years since the Treaty of Thronehold was signed and the Last War came to a close, four years since the destruction of the nation of Cyre. Refugees flood the larger cities still, looking for a place to take hold, a way to make a living. The people of Khorvaire are worn and tired from the fighting, but old wounds still sting. Powers awoken during the war have spun out of control at it’s halt. Dangerous and mysterious things seek to sink their claws in before the melee starts again. At it’s center is you, a sellsword, a spellslinger, a mercenary, a lost soul, whatever you choose to be. Perched between the brilliant rings of Siberys and the horrific depths of Khyber, in the world of Eberron.

Tales of Eberron

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